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    So who am I to critical evaluation of a journal article Those dreaded words when you get the email back from the journal. R and R. Anything but Rest and Relaxation. RSS - Posts. Skip to content.

    Home about me my research my books contributions and comments talks and workshops. It is important to have a clear idea about the different types of articles that you can publish in journals.

    This will help you understand the ways in which you can disseminate your work and identify what kind of article would be suitable for your study. The types of publications are different in different fields. For instance, a clinical trial is possible only in the field of medicine, while an empirical study is more common in the field of journal article sciences. It is important to remember that not all journals publish every kind of article. Therefore, most journal publishers provide prospective authors with accurate and specific guidelines for the different articles they publish.

    If you have a target journal in mind, you should check whether it publishes the kind of manuscript you are planning to write. Some of the possible types of scientific publications are:. Original research: These are detailed studies reporting original research and are classified as primary literature.

    They include hypothesis, background study, methods, results, interpretation of findings, and a discussion of possible implications. Original research articles are long, with the word limit ranging from to2,3 and can even go up to 12, words for some journals. How to use the internet to communicate your research better. Share your research findings for greater impact and dissemination. All covered by our day money back guarantee. Review article: Review articles provide a critical and constructive analysis of existing published literature in a field, through summary, analysis, and comparison, often identifying specific gaps or problems and providing recommendations for future research.

    Review articles can be of three types, broadly speaking: literature reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Review articles can be of varying lengths depending upon the journal and subject area. Clinical case study: Clinical case studies present the details of real patient cases from medical or clinical practice. The cases presented are usually those that contribute significantly to the existing knowledge on the field.

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    The study is expected to discuss the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of a disease. One way you can think about it is that the discussion section allows you to step back from the results section and reflect on the broader story or themes of your results and how they tie together. These tips will not guarantee you publication in a given journal.

    In addition, you also still have to do your due diligence about where to send your paper, including which journal is a good fit, the specific format of its articles and the types of conversations that are within its pages. Victoria Reyes is a sociologist whose work examines how culture shapes global inequality.

    Be the first to know. Get our free daily newsletter. Study: Student evaluations of teaching are deeply flawed. Programs in Italy, South Korea cancel classes and make journal article analysis changes as coronavirus spreads. How to write an effective journal article and get it published essay. Sri Lanka seeks to attract international universities. How college leaders should prepare their campuses for the coronavirus opinion. How to save yourself from overpreparing for your classes opinion.

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    Coronavirus forces U. Calling All Guest Bloggers! University of Venus. View the discussion thread. Google Tag Manager. Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Career Advice. Topics Books and Publishing. Log in or create an account. Chrome Add-on Add-on. Our Blog Resources. Harvard Referencing Harvard Referencing. Style Guides Learn. Search for Journal sources Search Manually cite. Tips: Always check for grammar errors before handing over your paper. Use Chegg Writing. It's free.

    Learn More. Is your source credible?

    Journal article analysis

    Purpose : Reason the source exists Is the point of the information to inform, persuade, teach, or sell?It differs from a journal article review by the way that it evaluates the research method used and holds that information in retrospect to analysis and critique.

    Scientific article review involves anything in the realm of science. Often, scientific publications include more information on the background that you can use to analyze the journal article analysis more comprehensively.

    The format of the article should always adhere to the citation style required by your professor. When you know the answers to these questions, you may start writing your assignment. Articles appear most commonly in academic journals, newspapers, and websites.

    If you write an article review in the APA formatyou will need to write bibliographical entries for the sources you use:. Web : Author [last name], A. A [first and middle initial]. Year, Month Date of Publication. Journal : Author [last name], A. Publication Year. Publication Title. Periodical Title, Volume Issuepp. Newspaper : Author [last name], A. WakefieldNeil G. Barr … March Emma Cave March JavaScript is currently disabledthis site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

    To view the rest of this content please follow the download PDF link above.

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    Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. Other Sites Springer. Together, they cited 6 references. This article has also been viewed 40, times. Learn more Explore this Article Summarizing an Article. Annotating an Article. Analyzing an Article. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Read the article once without writing anything down. The first reading should be used to learn concepts and gain a general grasp of the content.

    Look up any terms or words that you are unclear about. If journal article article is technical, you should ensure you understand all the concepts before you begin to analyze. Write a short three to four sentence summary of the article. If you are unable to do so, you may need to reread it for content. Consider explaining the article aloud if that is easier than writing.

    Evidence and Results. Once you understand what the article is trying to achieve the thesisand how it has gone about investigating an issue the methodsturn your attention to the results and evaluate them. In a more scientifically or technically-oriented article, findings will be clearly labeled and often presented in tables or graphs and discussed.

    If you are looking at an argument based on logic, make sure you can follow every step and that each sub-claim is well-supported. Doing this will ensure that your paper flow's well and is easy to read.

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    Your critique paper should end with an overview of the article's argument, your conclusions, and your reactions. Ever wonder what your personality type means? Sign up to find out more in our Healthy Mind newsletter. Pautasso M. Ten simple rules for writing a literature review. PLoS Comput Biol. How to write a review article?. Turk J Urol. More in Student Resources. Read the introduction section of the article. Is the hypothesis clearly stated?

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