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    Leadership essay example explains why america. American attitudes toward acculturation toward acculturation to start an accepted part i gotta write. Define the complexity of free papers, the myth of the melting pot essay to honor our lives. Essay melting pot salad bowl Likewise, melting pot papers, beloved symbolism essay melting pot world war 1 melting essay cause and contrast essays. Newsgroups: write a mixture of the material world.

    The melting pot image of America suggests inclusivity, it can homogenize away individuality. Ideally, the notion from a pot in which metals are melted at great heat melding together into new compound, with great strength and…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More.

    The Melting Pot Of Society

    The population of schoolchildren in the U. Immigration is the major contributor to this increased diversity of U. Living in a multicultural society, U. Adjusting the educational structure of the school system to reflect the newest shifts in classroom composition will work toward building a multicultural education to ensure that students and families from all cultures will have skills to function together.

    Through a multicultural education that does not support the idea of the melting pot, children can learn about and value the diversity that exists in the U. Children can not only become aware of their own cultural ancestry but also become sensitive to other cultures, knowledgeable about viewpoints other than their own, and prepared to live in an increasingly pluralistic society.

    Read More. Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: What Makes an American an American? Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay What Makes An American? Essay Speech : A Speech Community belonged to his own speech community.

    Words: - Pages: 7. Black History Month takes place throughout the month of February every year to highlight the enormous contributions African Americans have made and continue to make to American society, values, culture, and tradition. Leaders in the United States and across the world also honor Black History Month by encouraging tolerance and respect for diversity. Strong national leadership is vital to ensure countries address its diversity challenges, melting pot short essay cooking all parts of society to work together as one country and one people.

    Nowhere has this challenge been as melting pot essay as it was in the United States during the civil rights movement.Throughout the history of the modern Olympic Games, the theme of the United States as a melting pot has been employed to explain American athletic success, becoming an important aspect of national self-image. The diversity of American athletes in the Olympic Games in the early 20th century was an important avenue for the country to redefine a national culture amid-a massive influx of immigrants, as well as American Indians represented by Jim Thorpe in and blacks represented by Jesse Owens in The international aspect of the games allowed the United States to define its pluralistic self-image against the monolithic traditions of other nations.

    American athletes served as cultural ambassadors of American exceptionalismpromoting the melting pot ideology and the image of America as a progressive nation based on middle-class culture. Journalists and other American analysts of the Olympics framed their comments with patriotic nationalism, stressing that the success of U.

    Following the September 11, terrorist attacks, the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City strongly revived the melting pot image, returning to a bedrock form of American nationalism and patriotism. The reemergence of Olympic melting pot discourse was driven especially by the unprecedented success of African AmericansMexican AmericansAsian Americansand Native Americans in events traditionally associated with Europeans and essay about melting pot North Americans such as speed skating and the bobsled.

    Olympic team. The concept of multiculturalism was preceded by the concept of cultural pluralismwhich was first developed in the s and s, and became widely popular during the s. The concept of cultural pluralism first emerged in the s and s among intellectual circles out of the debates in the United States over how to approach issues of immigration and national identity.

    During and immediately after the First World War, the concept of the melting pot was equated by Nativists with complete cultural assimilation towards an Anglo-American norm "Anglo-conformity" on the part of immigrants, and immigrants who opposed such assimilation were accused of disloyalty to the United States. The newly popularized concept of the melting pot was frequently equated with "Americanization", meaning cultural assimilation, by many "old stock" Americans.

    In Henry Ford 's Ford English School established inthe graduation ceremony for immigrant employees involved symbolically stepping off an immigrant ship and passing through the melting potentering at one end in costumes designating their nationality and emerging at the other end in identical suits and waving American flags.

    Opposition to the absorption of millions of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe was especially strong among popular writers such as Madison Grant melting pot dudley randall essay Lothrop Stoddardwho believed in the "racial" superiority of Americans of Northern European descent as member of the " Nordic race ", and therefore demanded immigration restrictions to stop a "degeneration" of America's white racial "stock". They believed that complete cultural assimilation of the immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe was not a solution to the problem of immigration because intermarriage with these immigrants would endanger the racial purity of Anglo-America.

    The controversy over immigration faded away after immigration restrictions were put in place with the enactment of the Johnson-Reed Act in In response to the pressure exerted on immigrants to culturally assimilate and also as a reaction against the denigration of the culture of non-Anglo white immigrants by Nativists, intellectuals on the left, such as Horace Kallen in Democracy Versus the Melting-Potand Randolph Bourne in Trans-National Americalaid the foundations for the concept of cultural pluralism.

    This term was coined by Kallen. The concept of cultural pluralism was popularized in the s by John Dewey. In the United States, where the term melting pot is still commonly used, the ideas of cultural pluralism and multiculturalism have, in some circles, taken precedence over the idea of assimilation.

    Nonetheless, the term assimilation is still used to describe the ways in which immigrants and their descendants adapt, such as by increasingly using the national language of the host society as their first language. Since the s, much research in Sociology and History has disregarded the melting pot theory for describing interethnic relations in the United States and other counties. In the s, political correctness in the United States emphasized that each ethnic and national group has the right to maintain and preserve its cultural distinction and integrity, and that one does not need to assimilate or abandon one's example of college essays in order to blend in or merge into the majority Anglo-American society.

    Nevertheless, some prominent scholars, such as Samuel P. Huntington in Who Are We? The Challenges to America's National Identityhave expressed the view that the most accurate explanation for modern-day United States culture and inter-ethnic relations can be found somewhere in a fusion of some of the concepts and ideas contained in the melting pot, assimilation, and Anglo-conformity models.

    Under this theory, it is do my econ homework that the United States has one of the most homogeneous cultures of any nation in the world. This line of thought holds that this American national culture derived most of its traits and characteristics from early colonial settlers from Britain, Ireland, and Germany.

    When more recent immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe brought their various cultures to America at the beginning of the 20th century, they changed the American cultural landscape just very slightly and, for the most part, assimilated into America's pre-existing culture, which had its origins in Northwestern Europe.

    The decision of whether to support a melting-pot or multicultural approach has developed into an issue of much debate within some countries. For example, the French and British governments and populace are currently debating whether Islamic cultural practices and dress conflict with their attempts to form culturally unified countries.

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    In more ancient times, some marriages between distinctly different tribes and nations were due to royalty trying to form alliances with or to influence other kingdoms or to dissuade marauders or slave traders. Two examples, Hermodike I c. These unions resulted in the transfer of ground-breaking technological skills into Ancient Greece, respectively, the phonetic written essay about melting pot and the use of coinage to use a token currency, where the value is guaranteed by the state.

    Mexico, beginning with the conquest of the Aztecshad entered a new global empire based on trade and immigration. In the 16th and 17th centuries, waves of Spanish, and to a lesser extent, African and Filipino culture became embedded into the fabric of Mexican culture.

    It is important to note, however, that from a Mexican standpoint, the immigrants and their culture were no longer considered foreign, but Mexican in their entirety. The food, art, and even heritage were assimilated into a Mexican identity. Upon the independence of MexicoMexico began receiving immigrants from Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, again, bringing many cultural influences but being quickly labeled as Mexican, unlike in the United States, where other culture is considered foreign.

    This assimilation is very evident, even in Mexican society english upsr essay for example, bandaa style of music originating in northern Mexico, is simply a Mexican take on Central European music brought by immigrants in the 18th century. Mexico's thriving beer industry was also the result of German brewers finding refuge in Mexico. Twenty years ago, it was the center for the hippie movement, but just down the street from Haight and Ashbury there is a place called China Town.

    A place placed filled with Chinese Americans, shops and temples that could be easily mistaken for buildings only found in China. In Ohio, one could meet a Caucasian farmer, a African American businessman, an Amish family or even a reporter who has a strong German background all in the same day.

    So many different people living together in one piece of land.

    Melting pot essay

    Essay Aristotle, Plato, And Augustine Of Hippo other words, modern American politicians attempt to depict voting as intrinsically important to the exercising of our individual liberty, to negate melting pot essay fact that a single vote is insignificant to most political outcomes.

    Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay Protecting American Borders Protecting American Borders At the beginning of this century, a Jewish immigrant from England named Israel Zangwill authored a play whose story line has long been forgotten, but whose central theme has not. There are no legal limitations on what one can and cannot borrow from a culture.

    However, there is a difference between appreciating a different culture and appropriating one. Culture appropriation occurs when members of one culture take for his or her personal gain or use, the items produced by the members of another culture. This is commonly done.

    Show More. Read More. Students are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of learning. Teachers certainly will pick up on educational aspects from other countries. If, for instance, a teacher has a minority student from a different country every year, he or she can develop a well-rounded teaching style that would in turn, benefit all students. Teachers can also keep on top of things by regularly attending workshops and getting parents involved so they can reinforce what is being taught in the classroom at home.

    The New York State Social Studies Review and Development Committee has come up with six guidelines that they think teachers should emphasize in order to help break down ethnic barriers. These steps are as follows: First, from the very beginning, social studies should be taught from a global perspective. We are all equal owners of the earth, none of us are more entitled than others to share in its many wealths or misfortunes.

    The uniqueness of each individual is what adds variety to our everyday life. Second, social studies will continue to serve nation building purposes. By pointing out the things we share in common, it will be easier to examine the individual things that make us different.

    Third, the curriculum must strive to be informed by the most up to date scholarship.

    Melting Pot and Salad Bowl

    The administrators must know that grad school essay the past, we have learned from our mistakes, and we will continue to do so in the future. By keeping an open mind, we will take in new knowledge and different viewpoints as they are brought up. Not only does this allow for a diversity to exist, but celebrates and recognizes the people of different backgrounds that are in our country.

    Identifying and making a point to rejoice the many immigrants that have come here to enhance are differences essay about melting pot very important and needs to be done often. Some Americans have feared that these immigrants are coming to our country to take away the jobs that are offered to us; however, immigrants that are coming here looking for work are applying for the positions that Americans do not consider desirable and do not want to fulfill.

    This enrichment that immigrants are bringing into our country is leaving a win-win situation for everyone. Immigrants are able to have a job and provide support and security for themselves and their families while the native born citizens are able to experience and develop a better well rounded character and work ethic.

    The topic of immigration is and always will melting pot essay a controversial subject for many. The truth is, as I mentioned earlier, immigration is not going anywhere anytime soon. Americans need to educate themselves on the facts and statistics rather than forming their own opinion based on their feelings against other races and ethnicities. Stripped down from all physical features every human being is the same. We all go through triumphs throughout life; we experience high and low points which better our character and overall understanding of the life we live.

    Americans need to stop being so self indulged and actually open themselves up to someone that is different. Truth is many people are too scared to step outside of their norm and experience anything that is new or unknown to them. Americans are satisfied with the same old daily routines that never change or bring anything new into their lives. Allowing ourselves to really get to know all these different types of people that are coming into our country can only better who we are.

    Not only that, but many people in other countries are not as fortunate as we are and that strives to be a primary reason why they are coming here. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 3. What Makes an American an American? Words: - Pages:. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started?

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